Scales Measuring Boredom


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The Boredom Proneness Scale

Farmer, R., & Sundberg, N. D. (1986).  Boredom proneness: The development and correlates of a new scale.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 50, 4-17.

The Boredom Susceptibility Scale

Zuckerman, M. (1979).  Sensation seeking: Beyond the optimal level of arousal.  Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Sexual Boredom Scale

Watt, J. D., & Ewing, J. E. (1996).  Toward the development and validation of a measure of sexual boredom.  Journal of Sex Research, 33, 57-66.

Leisure Boredom Scale

Iso-Ahola, S. E., & Weissinger, E. (1987).  Leisure and boredom.  Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 5, 356-364.
Job Boredom Scale Grubb, E. A. (1975).  Assembly line boredom and individual differences in recreational participation.  Journal of Leisure Research, 7, 256-269. 
Lee's Job Boredom Scale Lee, T. W. (1986).  Toward the development and validation of a measure of job boredom.  Manhattan College Journal of Business, 15, 22-28.

Free Time Boredom Scale

Ragheb, M. G., & Merydith, S. P. (2001).  Development and validation of a unidimensional scale measuring free time boredom.  Leisure Studies, 20, 41-59.